Some plugins are only available in certain licenses, as noted by the last column in the table.

AmazonS3 FileSystem implementation for Amazon S3 cloud storage. Enterprise
Azure FileSystem implementation for Azure Blob Storage. Enterprise
AutoFormat Automatically formats images when uploaded. All
AutoRename Auto Rename files on upload. All
BasicAuthenticator Authenticator with basic login config for small sets of users. All
Dropbox Import files from Dropbox into your file system. Professional, Enterprise
Favorites List with favorites you can add/remove from at a user level. All
Ftp FileSystem implementation for FTP. Professional, Enterprise
GoogleDrive Import files from GoogleDrive into your file system. Professional, Enterprise
History List of latest inserted files stored at user level. All
IpAuthenticator Authenticator for specific ip addresses or ranges. All
Quota Quota plugin, limit user upload capabilities. Professional, Enterprise
SessionAuthenticator Authenticator that checks sessions for option overrides etc. All
Uploaded List of latest uploaded files. All
SymfonyAuthenticator Authenticator for Symfony > 2.x All
CakeAuthenticator Authenticator for CakePHP All
CodeIgniterAuthenticator Authentication for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. All
JoomlaAuthenciator Authenticator for the Joomla CMS system. All
DrupalAuthenticator Authenticator for the Drupal CMS system. All
ZendAuthenticator Authenticator for the Zend 2 framework. All

.NET Example Plugin

 You can download an example plugin for .NET here, this is a Visual Studio 2012 solution, to build a custom plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack the zip and open up the solution in Visual Studio (2012 recommended).
  2. Add a reference to the MoxieManager.Core.dll file before building, modify/add/remove any code you wish.
  3. Build and copy the resulting DLL into the same bin folder as the other DLL files for MoxieManager.
  4. Add the appropriate line to your Web.Config file so the plugin gets included, make note of the name so it matches yours.

Moxiemanager .NET Example Plugin