Designed for managing all media files in PHP and .NET

Need reasons to use this software? Check out the features below.


Get a quick overview of your media files with different views, thumbnail or a simple file list.

Integrate & Skin

Very easy integration into your CMS, including authenticators for most situations and a skinnable interface.

Cloud files

Download files to your system from Azure, GoogleDrive, AmazonS3 or DropBox, files will be downloaded right into your system with a simple click.

Amazon S3 & Azure

Browse files on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob storage, you can upload or download files as easy as copying a file between folders!

Image editor

Make basic or advanced changes to images, from simply resizing or cropping to blur filters.


Unpack zip files or pack your files into a single zip for download.

Visit our skin tool to make your own custom skin for MoxieManager.

Please note that you of course need the complete software in order to use the skin.


Here are some screenshots, you can also try the live demo here.